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Here is a conversation I found over the phone, an interview with Dan.

Page:How do you manage your time, given all you do each day regarding filming, studying, rehearsing? What's your daily schedule from the time you get up until the time you go to bed?

Dan: Actually now that filming is done, it's nice to stop shooting, looping & dubbing. After 11 months I can sleep in now, and I'm looking forward to just chilling out, reading, watching films, and listening to music.

Page: Moving beyond the Harry Potter films, if you could choose any two combinations between a genre (i.e. action, fantasy, horror, or drama) and a character type (i.e. villain, or hero) what two would you choose together to act out in a film?

Dan: It doesn't have to be any certain type of film, I will do absolutely anything as long as it has a good script, and interesting character, and a good director.

Page: You've expressed an interest in writing, are you interested in short stories or poetry and have you written anything you'd care to share with us?

Dan: Most of what I've written has been for school. I'm interested in poetry, and I love reading poetry. I've never written any short stories.

Page: I'm coming to London in May and I'm volunteering you to be my tour guide. If you were my tour guide, where would you take me, what important landmarks or historical places would you show me?

Dan: Wow, when you live in the city all your life, it's hard to really say, Camden Market is a very cool place to shop with a lot of good music stores. I think also the Tower of London is a great place to see.

Page: Are you a big fan of Theme Parks, in other words do you like roller coaster rides, or ferris wheels?

Dan: I LOVE roller coasters! I went on a roller coaster that had eight three hundred and sixty degree loops in Barcelona. It was so cool.

Page: Have you ever been on a Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Dan: I would LOVE to go on a hot air balloon ride! I'd like to go bunjee jumping too!

(Comment: This was a perfect lead into my next question, which was...)

Page: Would you consider yourself a "risk taker" in other words if a group of your friends were going to take a stab at doing something risky like bunjee jumping, would you go along and participate or would you claim your busy that day?

Dan: Oh I would definitely go!

Page: Is it hard for you and your family to spend time together, let's say you want to go out to eat to a nice restaurant local to your area, can you enjoy the evening in peace or do you get approached often while sitting at the table?

Dan: We do get approached sometimes, but the nice thing about it is that it's usually about the films.

Page: Where's your favorite place to shop for apparel in London, and when choosing them are you particularly interested in any Designer's line for instance Nike, Polo, or Tommy Hilfiger?

Dan: I'm not particularly interested in Designers, however, I love t-shirts! I've got hundreds and hundreds of t-shirts in my cupboard. I like to go to Camden Market, there's a place called the Borough Market which I like and it's also a cool place to shop with a lot of good music stores.

Page: Fans have noticed in some recent pictures that you appear to have been "working out" for instance in a gym, do you have a regular exercise program during the week?

Dan: I don't have like a rigorous workout program, and there have been no changes really to working out other than working with David Holmes, whose one of my stunt doubles.

Page: What's your favorite video game?

Dan: Medal of Honor. I also like the sports related games such as American Football and NBA.

Page: Do you have any special hobbies or something you've recently become interested in that you can share with us? Something we don't know?

Dan: I've been practicing magic in real life such as card tricks for about six or seven months now. I also love doing tricks with magic rings and I love rope tricks. Oh! And I've been playing the bass guitar as well.

Page: Are you taking lessons?

Dan: Yes.

Page: When I go shopping, no matter where it is or what it's for, I can't seem to escape without seeing you somewhere and I smile every time. It varies anywhere from gift wrap to holiday cards. I've actually received two Christmas cards with you on them from fans. When you go out shopping there do you see yourself a lot? How does that make you feel?

Dan: We don't have it as much here really, but I'm quite used to it actually. Recently I saw a "cylindrical head" of myself; there's a cake mix out now and a kitchen roll! (everyone laughs!)

Page: Have you asked for any special Christmas gifts from your family or friends, and if so what did you ask for?

Dan: Hm.. I've asked for a couple of CDs by the Breeders, also the Pixies, their bass player, Kim Deal, I like the way she plays.

Page: Are you going anywhere special for the holidays?

Dan: No, I'm just really, really, just looking forward to chilling out, and relaxing.


The Unicorn is one of the most mysterious of all animals. It has been glorified in folk tales, songs, poems, and stories for centuries; and it remains one of the great "unsolved mysteries" of the world. Despite the widely held belief in its existence, it has not been seen in centuries ; and the popular Eastern image from Chinese folklore is very different from the familiar Western image of a white horse-like creature. The only consistent fact is that a Unicorn has a single horn in the middle of its forehead.

For true believers, the fact that it no longer exists only adds to the mystique; placing it in the same realm as the dinosaurs, the mammoth, and possibly such unknown creatures as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Others believe the Unicorn still exists in remote regions and can be discovered only by those of exceptional virtue and honesty.

In the meantime, we can marvel at its beauty and pay tribute to its unique place in the culture and history of the world.

The Eastern Unicorn

The Unicorn has existed in Chinese mythology for thousands of years. It appears in many different forms, but the most familiar is a beast with the body of a deer, the tail of an ox, the hooves of a horse, and a single short horn growing out of the middle of its forehead. The hair on its back is five-colored to represent the five sacred Chinese colors: red, yellow, blue, white, and black. The hair on its belly is yellow. In some accounts, it has green scales like a dragon.

The Chinese Unicorn is known as Kilin (pronounced chee-lin), which is a combination of both Ki, the male Unicorn, and Lin, the female Unicorn. It is careful not to tread on even the tiniest living thing and will eat only plant life that is no longer living. It lives for 1,000 years.

The Kilin is said to spring from the earth and is revered as one of the four superior animals of good omen (together with the phoenix, the dragon, and the tortoise) that foretell future events and represent the basic elements of life:

The First Unicorns

In Chinese mythology, the Unicorn was an animal of good omen that came to humans only on important missions. Its appearance was interpreted as a sign of good times, and the fact that it has not been seen in many centuries suggests that we are living in "bad" times. It will appear once again when the time is right and when goodness reigns.

One of the first Unicorns is said to have appeared almost 5,000 years ago to give Emperor Fu Hsi the secrets of written language. Then, almost 4,700 years ago in 2697 B.C., another Unicorn made an appearance in the garden of the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di). This auspicious omen was seen by the emperor as a sign that his reign would be long and peaceful. Two Unicorns also lived during the reign of Emperor Yao, the fourth of the Five Emperors who shaped the world 4,000 years ago.

Birth and Death of Confucius Foretold by Unicorns

The Chinese also believed that the Unicorn could foretell the birth of great men like the philosopher Confucius. In 551 B.C., Confucius' pregnant mother met a Unicorn in the woods. It gave her a small piece of jade and placed its head in her lap. She realized the importance of the event and knew it was a good omen from the gods.

An inscription on the piece of jade told of the great wisdom her son would possess; and, sure enough, Confucius became the most respected of all Chinese philosophers. Even today, 2,500 years later, his prophetic words are still honored and revered. In his old age, Confucius reportedly saw the Unicorn for himself and knew that it meant he would soon die.

Other Eastern Unicorns

In addition to China, other Asian countries also have Unicorn traditions. In Japan, it is known as Kirin and has a shaggy mane and the body of a bull. Unlike the Chinese Unicorn, it was a beast to he feared, especially by criminals. In fact, it was able to detect guilt; and judges were known to call upon the Unicorn to determine the guilty parties in legal disputes. After fixing its eerie stare on the guilty party, it would then pierce him through the heart with its horn.

An Arabian Unicorn known as karkadann was supposedly endowed with magical qualities. Its horn was a good-luck charm against the scorpion, and eating its meat got rid of demons. Based on the description from ancient texts, experts now believe that the karkadann was actually an oryx, a large antelope that appears to have only one horn when seen from the side.

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