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Tinkerbell's Room

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September 6

I haven't been writing much. I'm sorry. But I will work on that. I need to write more often. I was looking around the internet and there are a lot of sites that I can go to and find pictures of me. My favorite was it had all kinds of coloring pictures of me. I love it. It makes me look so good. Thanks for the help with my journal. I really couldn't do it without friends.

September 17

WOW! So much has happened. I've been going around and trying to find new outfits. It's so hard to find clothes that fit me. I'd really like my closet to grow. If you ever find anything. Let me know. I was planning a huge party for Peter Pan. It was a goodbye party because I'm moving on. I'm going to try to find my own thing. I can't wait to go on all kinds of adventures. My journal might be a little spotty because I'll be so busy but i'll try my best to get in my entries.

September 19

Well I'm about to go off to my first real adventure. My own adventure. I'm getting ready to go to High school. I thought I might be able to learn to write better. I want to be able to expand my knowledge of things. It sounds like a pretty good adventure to me. I'll be bringing in pictures of it. Well gotta go school shopping.