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Tinkerbell's Room

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This is my Journal. You can look at the different pages of my journal here. You can also help write a journal entry if you like. Just email me and I'll give you the list of things I did that day.

Email for entry info.

July 15,

Today I was thinking about when I was in a movie. The name was Peter Pan. He was a hottie. Only I was too shy to ask him out. It's very dark out today. The clouds have been coming in now and it looks like rain. The flowers love the rain. Oh, yeah, the movie. I remember how hard I had to work every day. I was thinking of it because today I did a little spring cleaning. Now I can get in and out of my room without falling. I seem to do that a lot. Maybe it's the shoes I wear. The fuzz thing gets stuck. Sorry. The movie. It's so hard to keep track when I'm writing. The paper's so big I lose track of my words. I just remember I loved making that movie. It was a lot of fun. Well I'm getting tired of hopping around writing in this journal. I'll be back later.

July 16